Brus sparkling water maker

Brus sparkling water maker for homemade soda water and lemonade in reusable bottles. Protects the environment, stylish Danish design, adjustable carbon dioxide content. Contains a Brus bottle.

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With the Brus sparkling water maker, you can save the environment large amounts of unnecessary plastic by making your own soda water or lemonade in reusable bottles. The design of this water bubbler is so elegant that it also cuts a fine figure visibly on the kitchen counter. Its designer, Søren Refsgaard, is known for his clear, functional designs in which everything superfluous is left out. Brus is a particularly good example of this. The design is based on the classic cylindrical shapes of Stelton’s designs. The cylindrical shape is primarily evident in the ultra-flat container for the carbon dioxide cartridge and is reflected in the carbon dioxide button. This is intuitively turned clockwise to adjust the amount of carbon dioxide and counterclockwise when the bottle is to be disconnected from the appliance. You will receive a Brus bottle with the Brus sparkling water maker.


  • Protect the environment by avoiding plastic bottles and cans
  • Make your own carbonated water and lemonade at home
  • Adjust the carbon dioxide content to suit your taste
  • Stylish Danish design

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