Orbitkey Desk Mat: your new partner for an inspiring workplace

Imagine starting your working day with a clear view of all your tools and without the usual clutter that usually spreads across your desk. This is not a distant utopia – it is the reality that the Orbitkey Desk Mat offers. At One Horizon, we have tested this desk pad ourselves and are convinced that it is a game changer.

Desk Mat – A design that thinks for itself

Have you ever wondered why desk pads usually only look nice but are not really functional? Orbitkey has answered this question with a clear “There is another way! The Desk Mat is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also a well thought-out organizational talent. The soft, hard-wearing surface not only feels good to the touch, but also protects your writing utensils and desk from wear and tear.

The little things that count

It’s the little things that often make the biggest difference. The Desk Mat’s hidden storage compartment is the kind of detail that you only appreciate once you’ve used it. And the magnetic cable holder? A blessing for anyone who has had enough of tangled cables. These features show that Orbitkey really understands what people need in their workplace.

Longevity you can feel

When you hold the Desk Mat from Orbitkey in your hands, you immediately feel the quality. This is not a cheap accessory that has to be replaced after a few months. This carpet pad is built to last – just like the values we cherish at Quality, functionality and style.

More than just a carpet pad

At the end of the day, the Orbitkey Desk Mat is more than just a desk mat – it’s a statement, a commitment to an organized and inspiring work environment. We invite you to discover these and other carefully selected products at, which will not only enrich your workplace, but your entire everyday life.


Available in 3 sizes (Slim, Medium & Large) and 2 colors (black & white).

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